NBA Atlanta Hawks

Boston Celtics Doc Rivers Gets Message From Atlanta

The Atlanta Hawks were talking about sending a message to Doc Rivers and the Boston Celtics in their Friday game with possible first round opponents. The Boston Celtics and Atlanta Hawks seem destined to meet in the first round of the playoffs and Atlanta wanted to make sure that Boston knew that in their house that Boston was going to have issues. The Hawks also had a prime time opportunity with Boston resting due to injury or because they had an off day planned key pieces Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen, and Mickael Pietrus. The Hawks were going to play all their healthy bodies and were looking to blow Boston out. The Hawks did indeed send a message to Boston. The problem was that the message was that they are a very beatable team come even if they have home court playoff time as the Hawks barely beat Brandon Bass, Avery Bradley, and the deepest part of the Celtics bench.

The message Atlanta sent was that they still after four years of playing together have zero clue what it takes to truly win come playoff time. They just do not play smart basketball. Instead of taking a team like Boston with their true bench and attacking them on the offensive end, the Hawks would settle time and time again for silly jump shots. Guys like Josh Smith that should have gone for forty points with KG not there went for only 19 because he decided that he was a jump shooter. Instead of keeping Boston off balance by driving to the basket all night, Jeff Teague was just awful. Where was he? Why was he not attacking Keyon Dooling? If the Hawks had not had Joe Johnson, they would have lost.

The defense is just as bad. Granted Avery Bradley had a incredible night shooting the basketball as he buried jumper after jumper for 28 points, but there is zero way that a good defensive team gives up over 90 points to a team of without a go to scorer at various times of this contest. The Celtics shot over fifty percent from the floor most of the night. Is it really that hard to contain Avery Bradley and Brandon Bass with Boston’s deep bench? How about giving up over 90 points to a group of guys that hardly ever play together? This says to me Atlanta is not a very good defensive team.

The bottom line is after watching this game Atlanta, I firmly believe Atlanta let Boston know that they are ripe for the pickings. If they could not stop Marquis Daniels and Keyon Dooling, how are they going to stop Paul Pierce and Ray Allen? If the Haks could not contain Avery Bradley this time, how are they going to stop Rajon Rondo driving? How are they going to stop Bradley and Rondo on the floor? If Josh Smith cannot light up Boston without KG, what is he going to do with him on the floor? The Hawks cannot feel good even with this win. This means Boston should roll come round one. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!