Video: Robin Lopez takes down Blake Griffin

By Zach Mink

It seems as though the league has grown a bit tired of Blake Griffin‘s high-flying dunks. The Los Angeles Clippers forward has been fouled hard going to the rim on several occasions this year, this blow coming at the hands of Phoenix Suns center Robin Lopez.

While Lopez may have gotten him a bit on the neck, I don’t think it was intentional. Griffin should get an academy award for all of the acting he does following the foul, holding his eye despite getting raked across the neck. Between his acting and flopping, the young forward is turning into a bit of a diva. Lopez was given a flagrant “2” foul and ejected with six minutes remaining.

Griffin finished with 16 points, with 14 of them coming in the first quarter. This is the second straight game he has finished well below his season average of 20.4 points. The Clippers fell 93-90, and haven’t won a game in Phoenix in over five years. Jared Dudley led the Suns with 18 points while Marcin Gortat added 14 points and 14 rebounds for the victory. Chris Paul finished with 19 points and 10 assists in the losing effort.

A side note: Why doesn’t anyone bring up the fact that Griffin leads with his off-hand on almost every posterizing dunk? Nobody has a chance to stop them because he clears the space (usually an offensive foul) but it seems as if he’s already getting superstar treatment. The refs seem just as paralyzed by the sheer amazement of his athleticism as the fans are.


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