VIDEO: Reggie Evans Flop Against New Orleans Hornets

By Riley Schmitt

The Los Angeles Clippers can do more than dunk.  When it comes to Reggie Evans, he can also flop like it is his job.  New Orleans Hornets point guard Greivis Vasquez got tangled up with Evans and gave him a little shot.  Evans acted like he was hit with a truck and he hit the ground hard.

The Reggie Evans flop was initially ruled a Flagrant 2.  Luckily, the video was consulted and it was changed to a personal foul.  Thankfully they did that, because flopping is just awful.  I do not watch soccer because I think flopping is too prevalent.  I try to ignore it in basketball, but I know it is there.  Just do not make me pay attention to it.  I do not want it ruining the game I love.

Anyways, the Clippers got a win and Evans basically sold his basketball soul.  How can you be taken seriously after a flop like that?  You should have to sacrifice your man card.  That is just unbearable to watch.  Vazquez couldn’t make Evans fall that hard if he took a 50 yard running start and smacked him.  The sell job is just so off the charts.

There needs to be a league meeting to discuss this.  We need to eliminate flopping from the game.  Start fining players, ejecting them or whatever.  Something needs to be done.  You are rewarding actors, not athletes.  Make them do the right thing instead of flopping for a call.

Thanks to CBS Sports for the video.


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