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Boston Celtics Danny Ainge Screwed Up Ray Allen Situation

The first three years of “The New Big Three” era in Boston was a renaissance time for the Boston Celtics organization. The players that were here were all very happy to be here. The core was tight knit not only with the coach, but with management as well. Players that were not on this team after years of shunning Boston were all about coming to play for this organization. Remember when Rasheed Wallace was a prize free agent and he chose here over San Antonio? That situation would not have happened years ago. Those were good times. However, the sad fact is Danny Ainge has ended those times with some very poor handling of a situation regarding one his player.

I have to point this nugget of information out before I continue. The Kendrick Perkins trade was a disaster, but not because of what people think. A lot of people will complain about the Jeff Green deal killing the team’s chemistry. I do not buy that because Green fits so well with this team that he still hangs out with the team despite the fact that he has been cut. Guys like KG and Pierce understand that it is a business of cap management. Perkins wanted more money than Boston could give him. If they gave Perkins the cash he wanted, then Ainge would not be able to sign other pieces that the club desperately needs to keep up with teams like Miami and Chicago. The issue was the team did not have a solid replacement in place.

The major mistake was the Ray Allen trade debacle. By even trading and rescinding trading Ray Allen, Ainge poisoned the team. Ainge had a chance to show his guys that he believed in them. He had a chance to show his aging group that he felt they had one more run in them. Instead he almost blew this team up despite the fact that they clearly were built with a puncher’s chance come playoff time. He killed the family atmosphere between management and players in one fail swoop.

Imagine being Ray Allen. You are busting your ass trying to win games in order to have one more shot at glory with an organization that you love and then you find out they tried to deal you for a guy that is clearly a young punk in OJ Mayo and a late first round pick? This is after you took less money to stay here the last time your contract was up. I would have to say that he reevaluated his stance on staying in Boston after this. Ray might even be second guessing putting his body on the line for this coming playoffs with his ankles injured. This is a bad situation.

What about Pierce, KG, and other players in this league looking at this situation? Boston is not exactly Miami as far as climate and surroundings. The fact that they were considered a loyal organization was one of the few things that Boston had going for it. This disaster is a major blow to this team come free agency

The worst part is Ainge had nothing to lose by keeping these guys. After the season ended he could simply let Ray and KG walk and then he could rebuild. It was not like the deals on the table were cannot refuse worthy. I cannot fathom what was going through Ainge’s mind and why he gave away so much by doing something so stupid. I only hope Ainge has learned his lesson and can repair this image in time to rebuild. If not, prepare for some more long years in Boston. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!!