Boston Celtics Ray Allen’s Bone Spurs Could End His Season

The fact is that Boston Celtics shooting guard Ray Allen has not played in a few weeks due to some ankle injury. The injury is causing swelling in his ankles after working out hard and is preventing him from seeing the floor. Today the Celtics let the world know that he has bone spurs. The Celtics have said time and time again that he would be ready for the playoffs. Ray just needs rest and some time to heal. Please forgive me if I am feeling a bit like I have traveled down this road with this the Boston Celtics.

The last time I heard bone spurs was 2009 with Kevin Garnett. KG was going to be back and lead this team for it’s title defense come playoff time. KG never ended up suiting up for the playoffs. He would have surgery that clearly was more than bone spurs because it took years for him to fully recover.

Last season I had to deal with the Shaq saga. Shaq will be back in time for the playoffs. He just needs rest for his injury and then he will be good to go. The fans found out his achilles heal was junk and that there was no way he could return and be effective after playing in only one playoff game in round two.

The fact that Doc Rivers named Avery Bradley the starter also adds tot he feeling Ray may not be back for the playoffs. Doc is a loyal guy. I find it hard to believe that he would jettison a guy to the bench with Ray’s credentials that has performed so well for him over the years for him. Doc is just too loyal. However, I could see Doc seeing this Ray medical issue and making the call to give Bradley some time adjusting to his new role and playing with the starters in order to give his team the best chance to win.

This is a big blow to the postseason. They need Ray’s shooting to stretch the floor and provide the offense a boost. They do not stand nearly as good a chance against Miami and Chicago without their veteran sniper to provide some needed shots at clutch times. The deadly shooter that can stretch the floor is

I hope I am dead wrong and Ray is ready for game one. I hope that the man that has found the fountain of youth has at least one more miracle in his body. However, recent history with the Boston Celtics gives me zero optimism. I just get the bad feeling that I have seen the last of Ray in Celtic’s green. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!

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