Los Angeles Lakers Forward Metta World Peace Should Have Gotten Less Than Seven Game Suspension

By Ryan Gaydos

You saw it, I saw it, the whole entire country saw it, along with some parts of the world even saw it. Los Angeles Lakers forward Metta World Peace unleashed his inner Ron Artest and gave a good whacking to an innocent bystander in Oklahoma City Thunder forward James Harden Sunday as the Lakers came back to defeat the Thunder 114-106 in double over time.

The NBA suspended World Peace Monday for seven games after World Peace scored a basket and while celebrating happened to elbow Harden with a crushing blow that sent Harden to the ground for a good 10 minutes. However, let me reassure you that this seven game suspension is not entirely attributed to the concussion that World Peace gave Harden. This suspension reflects on what he did way back when he was an Indiana Pacer and decided to jump into the stands and fight fans at The Palace of Auburn Hills.

World Peace is being suspended on the technicality that Harden was in the wrong place at the wrong time. If Harden was not there, World Peace would just be made out to look like an idiot. To the NBA, World Peace’s reputation precedes him meaning that because he acted in the aggressive nature in 2004, no matter what he does he is still considered to be this menace to society on an NBA court.

World Peace, according to Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak in a press release regarding the suspension, is considered to be a “model citizen.” The guy has one bad break and everyone is on him again. The guy messed up and this is how you punish him: suspend him for the last regular season game and most of the first round of the playoffs. That sounds like the NBA does not want Metta World Peace to chance at all.

Granted, World Peace acted out in an unusual, stupid manner. He did not intentionally go after Harden’s head. He did not try to fight anyone including at the end of the play when Serge Ibaka was getting ready to tussle with him, where’s his suspension for instigating a fight? You will not see it.

World Peace should have gotten either a three game or five game suspension, not this ridiculous seven game suspension. He has come a long way from the Malice at the Palace and everyone else needs to take in account for that.

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