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The Miami Heat Has Their Big 3 Banged Up

The Miami Heat are virtually three players. Yeah, we all know who they are. Chris Bosh, LeBron James, and Dwyane Wade. According to ESPN, the Heat are holding out Chris Bosh in tonight’s game, while listing James and Wade as questionable. This makes the most sense to me, as the Heat are trying to protect their only shot at winning an NBA championship this year. There is no way in heck the Heat will survive the playoffs if even one of these guys go down. Wade dislocated his finger the other day, so I would be shocked if the Heat play him. I know they think they can still catch the Chicago Bulls for the one seed, but a lot would have to go right for that to happen.

The Heat cannot take a risk. Most people (including myself) believe the Heat are going to play the Bulls in the conference finals, so what’s the point? Unless one team gets incredibly upset (which I don’t see happening) we’ll see an awesome rematch of last year’s incredible series.

Should the Heat fanbase be worried? Nah. I think this is strictly a precaution as again- the Heat need these guys healthy. We’re talking about the end of a regular season with a lot of games in fewer nights, and these guys are beat down. Seeing as they’re virtually the entire team, I would imagine their flat out exhausted and using this time as a very nice break.

It also helps the other guys develop confidence in each other. If the supporting cast realizes that they too are NBA players, maybe that’ll help the big 3 believe they can get the job done. No matter what happens, I cannot wait for the NBA players because it’s going to be awesome.