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World Peace Should Be Banished

Enough is enough. With his latest incident, Metta World Peace proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he is still Ron Artest.

Like a wolf in sheeps clothing, Artest fooled us all if for just a brief while. All evidence seemed to point to the fact that the former bad boy had changed his ways. In a new city, with a fresh start and a different name, he had somehow managed to erase our memories of his merciless self of yesteryear. Until he couldn’t contain himself any longer, and Ron-Ron was re-released.

I don’t know what was more disturbing about the incident with James Harden, the violent elbow itself or the lack of remorse in Artest’s face. He stomped around the still court, brazenly pounding his chest and nodding to the crowd with psychotic eyes. Then, later that night, he tweeted his excuse, pleading ignorance and accident. This was as lazy a justification as it was disingenuous.

Now, two days later, David Stern has handed down the punishment of a seven game suspension. Artest will miss the regular season finale, and more importantly, the Lakers first six playoff games. This, to me, seems like nothing more then a slap on the wrist when you consider the severity of this assault, which has left Harden sidelined with a concussion.

The punishment should be based on a few different criteria’s: Intent, remorse, danger, and the all-important repeat offender factor. As far as I was concerned, Artest should’ve been banned from the league after the Malice at the Palace back in 2004. And although he has had a mild stretch with just a few dangerous incidents since that time, this latest one was the final straw for me. If it were up to me, he should be banished from the NBA. He’s had too many chances and possesses too little regard for the safety of others. Kick him out and let him find other ways to entertain himself. There are plenty of talented players out there who have the necessary brain power and restraint to exist in the league peacefully.

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