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Boston Celtics Sasha Pavlovic Could Be A Playoff Factor

The facts are very clear right now for the Boston Celtics regarding their injury front. The team is banged up a bit particularly at shooting guard and small forward. Ray Allen has ankle issues and Mickael Pietrus has concussion and knee issues. This leaves Boston thin behind Avery Bradley and Paul Pierce. After watching last night’s game against the Miami Heat, one fact that came to light is maybe Boston has a guy on the roster that can pick up the slack with his teammates injured. Sasha Pavlovic may very well be capable of giving the team the quality minutes that it needs should Pietrus and Allen be unable to give it a go for round one.

Pavlovic showed some skills last night during the game. He showed that he could be a solid defender in both teams schemes and one on one. Pavlovic was able to help run the Heat shooters off the three point line or bother the shots with solid rotations. One on one Pavlovic did not do a bad job keeping Mike Miller in check most of the night. 

The offensive end is where Pavlovic shined. Pavlovic would lead the team in scoring with 16 points. Sasha would get hot with his jump shot and showed the offensive skills that made him a starter on the Cleveland teams that were high seeded playoff teams. Sasha’s explosion seemed to coincide with a play that was at the end of the third quarter. The Celtics ran the Paul Pierce isolation at the top of the three point line dead center from the basket. Pavlovic would take his man off the dribble in typical Pierce fashion and finish over two other Heat defenders in the paint. He would then show energy by driving to the basket later that resulted in a dunk.

His energy play offensively was nice, but his real strength for Boston is his shooting. Pavlovic would bury his mid range jump shot the entire second half. He also found his stroke from long range. Boston will need a shooter off the bench to stretch the floor. Pavlovic showed that he could be that guy if Pietrus and Ray cannot give it a go.

The bottom line is Boston is banged up at the wing spot. They will need a guy to fill that void if they have any shot at making some post season noise. Sasha Pavlovic could be that guy. I never thought I’d say that before this year, but I have come around. He plays hard and can bury a basket from time to time. I just hope he is burying them come playoff time Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!!!!!!!