Metta World Peace's Suspension Considered Light by NBA Fan Base

By Adam McGill

Earlier today it came out that Metta World Peace would be suspended from the Lakers next seven games following his vicious elbow to the side of James Harden’s head on Sunday night. The suspension will also include six always-important playoff games, but there was still a huge uproar. Many NBA fans thought the suspension was light considering the egregious and flagrant nature of the foul by World Peace, and was hoping for the suspension to be ten games or even for the entirety of the playoffs.

The fact that the NBA did not levy a heavier suspension against the artist formerly known as Ron Artest, is very concerning. Commissioner David Stern has always been known as the “Conservative Commissioner” and this just validates that point.  World Peace is not a player who should be associated with the NBA, and even worse for the nation’s children to be looking up to.  This type of fiasco is what the NBA executive should come to expect from a guy who has was suspended for an entire season in 2004 following the “Malice at the Palace” and should clearly be on some sort of Bi-polar medication.  Just because a troubled player changes his name, it does not elevate the negative stigma that surrounds him.  He is still a problem and the NBA faithful have finally had enough.

World Peace is lucky to be able to come back after seven games, but he will not feel so lucky the first time the Lakers go on the road.  The NBA fans are foaming at the mouth to be able to heckle MWP in person, and the shorter suspension will give the fans a chance to face off with World Peace in some tough road games.  The situation could get out of hand though; like in 2000 when the New York Mets’ fans had Battery Day at Shea Stadium to welcome back reliever, John Rocker, following his racist comments in a NYC paper.  NBA fans are in just as big of an uproar about the World Peace situation and it is going to get a lot uglier before it gets any better.  The NBA fans have had enough of Ron Artest, they have had enough of Metta World Peace, and they will have enough of him regardless of what he decides to change his name to next.

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