Predictions for the 76ers playoff run

By Dustin Phipps

On Monday, the Philadelphia 76ers earned the right to play in the NBA playoffs for the second season in a row. It is widely believed that the 76ers will be the 8th seed and play the Chicago Bulls in the first round. There is a chance that the 76ers could overtake the New York Knicks for the 7th seed and face the Heat in the first round.

So it comes down to a choice, would you rather face the Heat or the Bulls? Both teams are formidable, and both have won the season series against the 76ers. The difference is that the 76ers have beat the Chicago Bulls this year, dominating the Derrick Rose-less Bulls earlier in the season, but have failed to beat the Miami Heat. So do you face the number 1 seed who you have had some luck against, or face the 2nd seed of whom you have yet to beat this season?

Some believe, including myself, that the Bulls are inferior to the Heat. Derrick Rose has struggled lately and hasn’t been healthy all season long. I think you take your chances against him before facing Lebron James and Dwyane Wade.

Though if I had to be honest, choosing either team is like choosing between the lesser of two evils. Its like choosing if you wanna fight Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris, both could possibly beat you in 4 games. The 6ers will have to play complete basketball in order to even make either series interesting. But one can hope, right?

The 6ers hope Iguodala can help them make it out of the first round.

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