The NBA Playoff Teams With The Best Chance To Win A Title

By Riley Schmitt

The NBA playoffs are just around the corner.  The matchups are nearly set with the playoffs set to start on Saturday, there are many interesting games to be played.  There are games between new blood and the old dogs, teams that are beat up against fresh ones and a chance to settle some old scores.

That being said, we need to take a look at the teams with the best chance to win a title.  Of course the Oklahoma City Thunder, Miami Heat, and Chicago Bulls will be at the top of the list.  But where does everyone else fit on the list?  There are 13 other teams besides those three that could win the title if everything breaks right.  Injuries, good matchups, and a lot of other things can happen in the course of the playoffs.

The NBA playoff teams are full of different styles and players.  Will the injury to Derrick Rose slow him and the Bulls down?  Does that hurt their chance to win the title?  Without Rose, the Bulls may be up the creek without a working paddle.  Out West, could the San Antonio Spurs overcome Father Time to win another title?  They have the best record out there but are they the best team?

This article is meant to stir debate.  If you do not like my rankings, let me know where I go wrong.  If you think your team was wronged, let me know how they plan on winning the title.  It’s the playoffs for a reason.  Every single game counts.

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