NBA Brooklyn Nets

New Jersey Nets New Brooklyn Logo Leaked

The New Jersey Nets are about to move to Brooklyn and become the Brooklyn Nets. Earlier this week the Nets unveiled a new campaign on their website to unveil their new logo. They also unveiled a Twitter hashtag to get the ball rolling in regards of spreading the word. #HelloBrooklyn was revealed.

Wednesday, Gawker Media sports blog Deadspin caught wind of the possible new logo for the Nets. The logo was posted on Twitter by someone who calls themselves an IT worker at the new arena that the Nets are moving, the Barclays Center. If the IT worker wanted to get famous, this was a terrific idea. If this IT worker wanted to continue moving up the ranks at the Barclays Center, this was a terrible idea.

The question is, what does this tell us about the future Nets? Well we could speculate that their new uniforms could be black and white. The Nets have been red, white and blue for the longest time and a new, meaner look could boast wonders for the Nets and keep the Nets faithful excited.

However aside from the uniforms, the Nets need to put their focus back on the team as a whole. The Nets have to worry about the possibility of Deron Williams walking away from the team to join another team, specifically the Dallas Mavericks. Without Williams, the Nets do not have a big-time star to bring to Brooklyn. They could also focus their attention to Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic this summer as well.

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