Boston Celtics Paul Pierce Sprains Toe: This Could Spell Playoff Trouble

By Rob Nelson

The absolute last possible event the Boston Celtics wanted to happen in the season’s final game was another injury to a key player going into the NBA playoffs. Unfortunately for Boston last night team scoring leader Paul Pierce left the game after an apparent foot injury. Later it was revealed to only be a sprained toe. Given Boston’s history of revealing injuries, I am not so sure that this is true. However even if this injury is a minor one, this injury could still be damning to Boston’s playoff push.

A foot injury of any kind is a big deal. A player needs his feet to make the quick cuts and get open or drive the lane. Jump shooting is also a lot harder with a bad wheel. Paul Pierce has had a history of foot problems throughout his career. The facts are it is zero surprise that when those injuries occur Pierce has been far less effective. An injured Pierce tends to not attack the basket and turn into a jump shooter that struggles for his feel for the basket.

The Boston Celtics do not need Paul Pierce the jump shooter. They need the guy that can score from anywhere on the court. They need the aggressive guy that the team can feed off of and keep the defense on it’s heals. If he is a pedestrian jump shooter, Boston is in a lot of trouble come playoff time.

The Boston Celtics biggest strength is their depth. In order for Boston to truly compete for an NBA title the Celtics must have all their parts playing their roles to perfection in order to beat the top heavy teams like Miami and New York and hang with the deeper teams like Chicago and San Antonio. The depth is already questionable with Ray Allen (ankle), Mickael Pietrus (knee and concussion), and Greg Stiemsma (foot) banged up. The question is what are they going to get from these guys that are being asked to fill complimentary roles. Now a question mark around Paul Pierce’s production is even worse a predicament for the playoff bound Celtics. Remember Go Green or Go Home!!!!!!

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