New York Knicks clinch 7th Seed

By Utsav Panchal

The New York Knicks sat out most of their starters, yet the Charlotte Bobcats still couldn’t beat them.  J.R. Smith scored 22 to lead all scorers as the Knicks won in a blowout, 104-84. Gerald Henderson for the Bobcats scored 21, as Charlotte fell to 7-59, leaving then with a measly winning percentage of .106, as they finished as the worst team in history with the lowest winning percentage.

What does this mean for the Knicks? It means they will face the number 2 seed Miami Heat when the playoffs begin Saturday. A tough road ahead of them, they’ll have their hands full with Dwayne Wade and Lebron James. Is this really the better matchup for them though? Would one think they would have rather face the Chicago Bulls instead of the Heat?

In all terms, the Heat is the better matchup for the Knicks. The Knicks can sick Iman Shumpert on Dwayne Wade and cause him trouble the entire night, while Carmelo Anthony has generally played well against Lebron James. The big factor in this series is if players other than Melo can get hot. The Knicks really need something out of Amare Stoudemare, who has been slowed this entire season with various injuries. The Knicks also need Steve Novak and J.R. Smith to get hot, and stay hot if they want a chance to beat the Knicks. No mention of Tyson Chandler here, he is one person that definitely will not disappoint. An upset is definitely there, but a win on the road is a must. The series doesn’t rest on Carmelo Anthony’s shoulders, but rather the shoulders of his teammates.

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