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Tyson Chandler Should Not Have Been Given A Flagrant Foul

The Miami Heat embarrassed, for lack of a better word, the New York Knicks Saturday in Game 1 of the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs. The Heat won 100-67 in a game that showed the Knicks could not play defense at all. However, during the game, there was one play that really set everyone apart.

While Tyson Chandler was going to set a pick on LeBron James, Chandler look to have given James a little bit of a push and James completely rolled around on the floor in what looked to be agonizing pain. The referees gave Chandler a flagrant foul because James appeared to be more injured than he actually was. A great act by James who ended the game with 32 points, four rebounds and three assists.

Take a look at the video for yourself:

This to me, is not a flagrant foul, Chandler was setting a pick on got too rough with James. The reason that the refs called a flagrant was because of James’ act. That is what constituted the call. It was not a purpose hit compared to other flagrant fouls like Andrew Bynum destroying Dirk Nowitzki last year in the Western Conference finals.

Now compare that to what Dwyane Wade did to Richard Hamilton of the Chicago Bulls. Hamilton was guard Wade hard and Wade just threw Hamilton out of the way.Wade was given a well-deserved flagrant one. He purposely threw Hamilton out of his way.

What Chandler did, was walking up to set a pick and ran into James, which yes is a foul because it is a moving screen but not a flagrant.

As Jeff Van Gundy said in the broadcast, “what league are we becoming if this is a flagrant?” It has become a league where you cannot play hard in big situations. The league needs to overturn this right now.

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