VIDEO: Iman Shumpert Knee Injury

By Riley Schmitt

The New York Knicks can not catch a break against the Miami Heat on Saturday.  Miami is blowing the doors off of them and it looks like promising guard Iman Shumpert will be done for the rest of the playoffs.  Shumpert landed awkwardly and it looks like he either tore his ACL or another knee ligament.

That is the second injury of the playoffs, following Derrick Rose’s knee injury earlier.  However, Rose was able to walk off, albeit with some help.  Shumpert had to be carried off the floor.  His knee bent in the worst way imaginable.

Shumpert has impressed a lot of people this year.  Many people thought that he was a reach, but he has silenced his doubters.  He has played lockdown defense and his offense has been coming around.  I hope this knee injury is not as bad as it looks and that Shumpert will suffer no bad consequences.  It looks awful and it might put a halt to his budding career before it even gets off the ground.

The season without reason has been claiming players left and right.  We have had two playoff games and two knee injuries.  That is not a good ratio.  The lockout has had an awful effect on everyone and the injuries are piling up.  We wish Shumpert the best as he hopefully is able to return from this injury fast.  It does not look good, but we will keep you updated on it as more information becomes available to us.


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