Andrew Bynum Ties NBA Playoff Record For Blocked Shots With Ten

By Riley Schmitt

The Los Angeles Lakers and Andrew Bynum had quite the ball game on Sunday.  The Lakers blew the doors off of the Denver Nuggets while Bynum tied the NBA record for most blocked shots in a playoff game with ten.  This also led to Bynum recording a triple double.

This is why arguing that Bynum is better than Dwight Howard is not so far fetched.  The two are clearly the best two centers in the league.  I would not be angry if someone told me they thought Bynum was better than Howard.  Howard has a long line of issues and his growing reputation as a petulant, coach-killing brat is not helping him.

Bynum owned the paint on Sunday.  Denver had no chance.  They are just not big enough to deal with him.   His skills and length are too much for a lot of teams to handle.  If Denver does not get a handle on him, they will be out of the playoffs extremely fast.  That is just the way it is.

Bynum’s triple double was a great moment.  He now has a place in the history books.  When you look up playoff records, you will see Bynum by the blocked shot one.  This is extremely impressive, especially in this day and age.  You just do not see people racking up blocked shot numbers like that, especially in the playoffs.

If Bynum continues to play like this, the Lakers are a title threat.  I have dismissed them as of now, but Bynum is the X-factor.  If he plays like this, no one will want to see the Lakers.

Thanks to CBS Sports for the video.

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