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VIDEO: Los Angeles Clippers Historic Comeback To Beat Memphis In Game 1

If you went to bed early on Sunday night, you missed a great game.  The Memphis Grizzlies were absolutely dominating the Los Angeles Clippers.  In fact, the Grizz held a 95-71 lead with 9:12 left in the game.  Everyone thought the game was over.  It was not.

Thanks to Nick Young going HAM from downtown, the Clippers stormed back to take a 97-96 lead with :50 left in the game.  A Rudy Gay shot and two Chris Paul free throws gave LA a 99-98 lead and they held on as Gay missed the last shot.

LA outscored the Grizz 35-13 in the fourth quarter.  They ended the game 30-3 run.  A TWENTY EIGHT TO THREE RUN.  That is unheard of in any level of basketball.  That is heartbreaker for Memphis and an amazing win for the Clips.  They had all the momentum.  Dante Cunningham made Blake Griffin look like a punk.  It was all going right, but then it didn’t.  Simple as that.

The player of the game was Reggie Evans.  You might laugh, but you would be wrong if you think otherwise.  He is a junkyard dog, defending the paint and grabbing key boards.  He finished with seven points, 13 rebounds and a plus/minus score of plus 23.  Plus 23.  That is also insane for a guy who has limited offensive skills.

This series has taken a new twist.  I had LA written off.  They were getting smoked early and showed no life.  Memphis simply choked.  They got away from what gave them the lead and LA kept chipping away.  Young going supernova certainly helped, but the Grizz left this one hang.  You can not let teams hang around.  It will always cost you in the end.

God bless you NBA playoffs.

Thanks to CBS Sports for the video.