Nike Employee Makes Insensitive Tweets About Derrick Rose's Knee Injury, Should Be Punished Severely By Nike

By Steven Resnick

A Nike employee will likely land himself in hot water  after tweeting about Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose’s playoff ending knee injury. The injury occurred with the Bulls up 12 with just over a minute left to go as Rose attempted to knife through the Philadelphia 76ers defense. As Rose made his move he landed awkwardly on his knee without any contact from Spencer Hawes. Yet, an offensive tweet was made about the injury and here is a look at  the tweet that was made which can be also found on the Yahoo Sports article by Dan Devine as the tweet appears to have been deleted.

Now the tweeter Jason Petrie may have been able to get out of the mess he created by removing the offensive tweet and apologizing immediately and that did not happen, instead he chose to defend himself with a number of ridiculous tweets. He has made  a tweet apologizing for his actions, yet it’s too little too late.

Whether or not Petrie meant to be tongue and cheek about his comments it still doesn’t excuse it. Making a tweet about an injury as serious as Rose’s on the basis that it was because he chose to wear Adidas over Nike is absurd. Even if another tweet by Petrie said this.

One question that comes to mind seeing to that tweet and is how else did he think Rose’s fans and Bulls fans would take it? Did he actually believe that those fans would be laughing it off and taking his tweet as tongue in cheek like Petrie suggested? That’s not a difficult question to answer either, it’s a resounding no!

What Petrie should have done right away is delete the tweet, apologize for it and explain he wasn’t thinking when he made the tweet in hopes Nike would be lenient in doling out the punishment that he will be most likely be receiving. Yet, instead he attempted to defend himself and pretty much continued to dig himself into a deeper hole with no way to climb out. The tweet about taking it too seriously and then saying he hopes “Drose comes back stronger than ever, he’s too good” still shows he doesn’t grasp the scope of how foolish his tweet was and in the end Nike should be letting Petrie go.

For more insight on the injury to Rose take a look at Alejandro Aviles’ great article.

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