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VIDEO: Dante Cunningham Dunk On Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin just got a taste of his own medicine.  The Los Angeles Clippers power forward got dunked on by Memphis Grizzlies backup Dante Cunningham on Sunday night.  This was the type of dunk that made Griffin so popular, but Cunningham one upped him.

Look at how high he got to get that ball.  That is a perfect putback dunk.  You can not draw that up any better.  So much athleticism and poor Griffin had no way to stop it.  Cunningham was flying too high and Blake had no idea that he was coming.  Kind of like what happens to Griffin’s opponents.

This game has been a nightmare for LA.  Everything they do, Memphis blows them back.  It is like a big brother playing with his little brother.  They just stand no chance at this point in time.  Of course, the Clippers stage the biggest comeback in the history of all professional sports. Maybe they got upset that Griffin got thrown down on. Maybe they were tired of losing to the Grizzlies. Either way, that was an awesome comeback. It just wasn’t as good as the dunk!

Maybe Griffin will get Dante back, but for now he has to live with this dunk.  What a throwdown.

H/T Jose3030