VIDEO: Rajon Rondo Ejected For Bumping Referee In Game 1

By Riley Schmitt

The Boston Celtics have a lot more to deal with outside of their Game 1 loss to the Atlanta Hawks.  In the last minute of the game, point guard Rajon Rondo made a ridiculously stupid mistake.  After disagreeing with a key call, Rondo received a technical.  Instead of backing off, Rondo pushed the issue and bumped a ref.  This led to an ejection and a probable suspension for the next game.

See, you can not bump a ref.  There is no reason to do that.  How are you going to risk suspension in the playoffs?  How is Rondo not using his head in that situation?  I can not believe that a guy with as much experience in the playoffs as he has would do something so insane.  I have my doubts that he will be suspended, but it is a very real possibility.

If Rondo misses Game 2, the Celtics are down 2-0.  They stand no chance without Rondo.  I will tell you that right now.  He makes the team go and they can not go anywhere without him.  I am still in shock that a player like him would do something so stupid.  You can not risk stuff like that in the middle of a close playoff game.

We will keep you updated on the situation as it develops.  We will probably find out stuff about it on Monday.  For now, Celtics fans will have to wait for the news to break.  I have a feeling he’s going to be good to go, but you do never know.


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