VIDEO: Zach Randolph Pushups During Game 1

By Riley Schmitt

It is very early in Game 1 of the Memphis Grizzlies and Los Angeles Clippers series, but the Grizzlies are off to a scorching start.  Zach Randolph has begun to work his way back into game shape for Memphis, but suffered a scary fall in Game 1.  As the fans held their breath, Randolph decided to get a quick workout in as he did pushups while the crowd roared.

This was hilarious.  Z-Bo is a great player when he is healthy and his return from a knee injury has taken awhile.  This moment was hilarious.  Zach Randolph pushups are something that we can all enjoy.  If this keeps up, Memphis will run the Clippers out of the building.

This moment is going to be one of the funnier moments of the playoffs.  We have seen too many injuries already.  This could have been another one, but we are fortunate that it turned into a humorous moment.  If Z-Bo was hurt, I would be beside myself.  This season is taking out the stars and I am getting sick of watching it happen.

This series looks a lot better on paper than it does on the court.  I do not think that LA can keep up with Memphis.  The crowd is nuts and the Clippers do not have a lot of experience.  They will have to improve quickly in order to make this a series.  There is a long way to go but it does not look good now.  But I guess that is why they play the game.

H/T Jose3030

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