Boston Celtics Keyon Dooling Becomes A Key Piece After Rondo Suspension

Despite Boston Celtics head coach Doc Rivers trying some gamesman ship through the media to avoid a suspension for star point guard Rajon Rondo, there was zero chance NBA commissioner David Stern was going to let anything happen to one of his loathsome henchmen without some form of repercussion. Stern suspended Rondo for the next playoff game and thus that leaves some big shoes to fill for the guy stepping in for Rondo. No one man can fill the void of Rondo’s absence, but the good news is that the guy coming in can be more than serviceable and perhaps help Boston accomplish the all important stealing of home court by stealing game two. Keyon Dooling just became a very important member of the Boston Celtics as Rajon Rondo’s replacement in the starting lineup.

Most teams do not have a capable backup like Dooling to throw into the fire. Dooling can do a lot on the court to help this team win at both ends of the floor. Dooling on the defensive end plays with great energy. In the brief time that he was on the floor Dooling was an energy defender that did not give in inch to his man. He gets great positioning and knows how to beat a man to a spot.

Dooling is also a solid shooter that knows when to take his man to the basket. His shot may be streaky, but Dooling can shoot. When his outside shot is dropping, he is a very dangerous shooter. Offensively he was not like the rest of teammates off the bench. He looked for his shot and took it if it was there. He jacked up three shots in six minutes. To put that into perspective so that people understand how timid shooting the ball the Boston bench was, Greg Stiemsma, Sasha Pavlovic, and Mickael Pietrus combined for four shots total the entire game in the forty four minutes on the floor. This makes Dooling’s aggressiveness that much more noticeable.

The fact is Paul Pierce is going to be the point forward. He is more than capable of running the offense in Rondo’s absence. The Boston Celtics do need a guy that can come in and play both smart and hard with confidence at both ends of the floor. Dooling can do that. He can defend and he can look for and knock down his shot. If he can hit a few shots and hold guys like Kirk Hinrich and Jeff Teague in check, then Boston will be in great shape for game two. I believe Dooling will be solid and Boston will take game two. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!!