Boston Celtics Rajon Rondo Gets Put In A Bad Spot By NBA Refs

By Rob Nelson

The Boston Celtics and Atlanta Hawks had quite an exciting game one of the playoffs. The Atlanta Hawks jumped all over Boston early and were able to hold on for the all important game one win. I would like to say that the Hawks held on for that win all by themselves, but unfortunately I cannot do that. The Hawks players were cheated of that honor by the worst officials in any sport including pro wrestling in the NBA whistle blowers. Once again the David Stern’s muscle got involved where they should not have and tainted what would have been a tremendous game one.

Just in case a person is living under a rock, the final moments of last night’s game were marred by Rajon Rondo getting furious over a horrendous call in the final seconds that cost Boston an opportunity to close to within a basket with under a minute to go after being behind by as much as 19 points. A scrum for a loose ball at the end of a game is never the right time to call a tick tack loose ball foul that I still am finding it hard to see. This was clearly a case of a guy wanting to be a part of the show that had zero business imposing himself into a situation. The problem for Boston is Rondo bumped the official after he was given the technical and this means Rondo is going to get the suspension for probably a game.

Let me get one fact very clear right now. I do not agree with with Rajon Rondo’s actions last night. Rondo did do a very stupid act by letting his emotions get the better of him. However, he never should have been put in that position. The refs made terrible call after terrible call all night. They created the situation that caused this incident. The only guy gifted to the line was Josh Smith despite guys like Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett going to the basket just as much as Smith. The refs also missed a very important out of bounds call that should have gone Boston’s way. It was no wonder Rondo snapped like he did. The last straw was effectively ending a chance for Boston to take the all important game one. The other problem was why does Rondo not get the right to question the call that was clearly dead wrong. Why is he getting the technical in the first place that set off the bump?

The bottom line is Rondo screwed up and will miss time. My issue is nothing is going to happen to this piece of garbage official that put a serious black mark on a great playoff basketball game. This guy is a joke and should be suspended or left off the playoff roster for officials. Oh wait, I forgot that David Stern’s guys do not make mistakes and that is why even the NBA playoffs are a joke. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!

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