PHOTO: Simba Mourns Derrick Rose Torn ACL

By Riley Schmitt

Two days after the devastating Derrick Rose torn ACL came to light, a new photo has been spreading across the Internet.  Thanks to some quick-thinking photoshopper out there, we have a picture to sum up the injury of the Chicago Bulls guard.  This photoshopper combined the Lion King and Rose’s knee injury into a heart wrenching picture.

I’m pretty sure Simba sums up exactly how Bulls fans were feeling.  I know for a fact that I was muttering “Get up Derrick.  Get up” over and over again.  This photo basically expresses that in picture form and I think it is very well done.  Sure it sucks that Rose is hurt, but the 24 hours of mourning are over.  There is still basketball to be played, with or without Rose.

Originally,  I tried to avoid anything based around Rose or his knee.  However, this picture kept bringing a smile to my face.  It is just sports.  The injury sucks, but it does not affect anything outsides out of the sports section of the planet.  The Bulls will just need to do a reasonable imitation of Simba and they will win a title.  Everyone is counting them out.  The pundits have written them off.

The Bulls need to come together and rally around their fallen leader.  Rose may be in attendance at Game 2 and I am sure he will receive a rousing ovation.  He won’t be back this season and he will probably miss the start of next season.  The Bulls will move on and Simba will serve as a rallying point, I think.

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