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VIDEO: Carmelo Anthony Dunk On Joel Anthony

Well, Carmelo Anthony and the New York Knicks are playing a lot better on Monday than they did on Saturday.  Anthony has been scoring like wild in the first quarter and it includes this power dunk on center Joel Anthony of the Miami Heat.

Melo is going to need to keep up his scoring pace if the Knicks want to keep it close.  He has 15, but will need to probably score at least 40 for the Knicks to pull off the upset.  Miami fans are hoping that the second quarter will unfold like last game, when the Heat busted the game wide open with a major run.

I am surprised that Melo could get up that high.  He was never seen as a high flyer but that dunk was impressive.  He soared through the air and put it down over Anthony, who is known as a shot blocker.  Anthony certainly could not block that one that high up.

This isn’t the only highlight dunk for the Knicks, as Tyson Chandler went over the Heat for a putback dunk.  Chandler got a technical for his efforts, but it was still impressive.  If they can match the Heat highlight for highlight, this is going to be one heck of a game.

This game should be going down to the wire (I hope).  The games picked up on Sunday so hopefully we get more memorable moments.  If this one goes down to the wire, I guarantee we have one of the best games of the playoffs.