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VIDEO: Dwyane Wade Throws Mike Bibby’s Shoe Into Crowd

Apparently, Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat is a bit of a jerk.  New York Knicks point guard Mike Bibby lost his shoe and Wade decided that he really did not need it.  Wade picked up the shoe and tossed it into the crowd.  I can not believe that this actually happened in the middle of a game.

I understand that it is a bit of gamesmanship, but come on.  Who in the heck throws a shoe?  Little kids throw shoes.  Angry teenagers and drunk people throw some shoes.  Not pro basketball players.  That is just embarrassing as you can get.  I can not believe that he did not receive at least of a delay of game warning.

I think that this will get thrown under the rug, but I bet some people hammer Wade over it.  It is just kind of childish to throw a shoe.  Set the shoe down and walk away.  You just need to let it go.  There was no need to toss the shoe.  It just makes Wade shine in a bad light.  No need to attract more negative publicity for him and the Heat.

This game is a lot tighter than Game 1 ever was.  Even if there was some hijinks, it is going to be a great game.  Maybe Bibby will play better sans shoe.  I doubt it, but it could not hurt.  He hasn’t been good in like four years and should probably retire.  Maybe the shoe incident will push him in that direction. Did Dwayne Wade make the list as one of the most self centered athletes? 

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