VIDEO: Ivan Johnson Calls Kevin Garnett "A Dirty Player"

By Riley Schmitt

The Atlanta Hawks drew first blood against the Boston Celtics in Game 1 on Sunday, but the game was not without controversy.  Rajon Rondo will draw a probable suspension for bumping a referee and the war of words between Hawks backup Ivan Johnson and Celtics power forward Kevin Garnett is starting to escalate.

The quote about Garnett comes later in the clip.  Not going to lie, I agree 100 percent with Johnson.  Garnett has always struck me as a guy who is more bark than bite and this could be a good test of that.  Johnson has called him out.  Will Garnett respond in the media or will he do something on the court?  Johnson isn’t a foreign point guard half his size, so Garnett may back down.

In all honestly, Ivan Johnson is not a guy to mess with.  He looks perpetually angry.  Is that a guy that you want to mess with?  I would be fearful for my life if I crossed Johnson.  He’s one of the most intriguing guys in the playoffs, but also one of the scariest.  He would certainly be about the last NBA player that I would want to have enraged at me.

With Derrick Rose being felled by a torn ACL, either of these teams could make a run to the Eastern Conference Finals.  They will need a bit of luck, but this series is going to be hotly contested.  The matchup between Johnson and Garnett could prove costly.  If the war escalates, it will not end well for either team.

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