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VIDEO: Tyson Chandler Dunk On Mike Miller

Well, the New York Knicks are throwing down some poster dunks on the Miami Heat Monday night.  The latest one comes to us courtesy of Tyson Chandler going over Mike Miller.  It was a great putback dunk, even though Chandler got hit with a technical foul.

I am not big on technicals like that in the playoffs.  It is going to be more intense.  Players are going to mean mug more and the refs need to realize it.  It is just the way things work.  Players are up to a higher intensity and things are going to get harder to control.

It was not the only highlight dunk for the Knicks, as Carmelo Anthony delivered a facial of his one in the first quarter.  Melo has played a lot better in Game 2 than he did in Game 1 and it is necessary.  If Melo is off his game, the Knicks stand absolutely no chance against Miami.  If Melo plays bad, the Knicks get swept.

This will not be the only highlight that we see this game.  There are certainly more to come.  I expect the Heat to respond with some awesome plays of their own.  It is hard to match Miami basket for basket, but New York has to try.  Without an offensive explosion, they do not stand a chance.  Their defense simply is not good enough to keep up with the Flying Death Machine.  It will still be great regardless of the outcome.


Thanks to CBS Sports for the video.