Boston Celtics Doc Rivers Should Feel Good About Game Two

The Boston Celtics did not walk away from game one of the playoffs with a win over the Atlanta Hawks. In fact they lost a lot more than the game with star point guard Rajon Rondo suspended after finally having enough of being screwed by one of the worst human beings walking God’s green Earth. However, despite the loss and the loss of Rajon Rondo, Boston Celtics head coach Doc Rivers should feel real good about his team going into game two.

There were a lot of abnormal events from game one that occurred that I do not believe will be a factor in game two. The first event was a very slow start from Boston. The Celtics seemed to be searching for the game’s rhythm until the second half. The Atlanta Hawks jumped all over Boston and were up by as much as 19 points. Once Boston found a rhythm, they clobbered Atlanta in the second half as they nearly came back on the road after being down by 19 points. If the large piece of human excrement did not call some of the worst calls down the stretch of an NBA basketball that I have ever seen, perhaps Boston would have come back.

I am just not seeing Boston having a hard time finding a groove early on even without Rondo. The team is used to and has excelled with Paul Pierce playing point forward. They have played a game now and should pick up right where they left off in the second half.

The next abnormal occurrence was Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett combined to shoot 13-38. They missed shot after shot in the first half as the Boston offense struggled for points. The fact is neither one really started shooting well until the second half. Once they started making shots, Boston made a run. Paul Pierce led the team ins coring averaging almost 19 points a game. KG recorded his best offensive numbers since 2008. I just do not see both of these guys struggling like they did last game. Maybe one, but both is just not something that happens.

The next odd statistic is the fact Boston shot 0-11 from three point range. A bad game for them is 3 for 11 and that would mean a tie game statistically for game one. Boston has just too many guys that shoot over 30 percent from beyonds the arc to have that happen. Paul Pierce, Mickael Pietrus, Avery Bradley, Keyon Dooling, and Sasha Pavlovic are just too good to hit zero from beyond the arc. I do not believe the Celtics will have that much issue from beyond three point range tonight.

The last weird stat for me is the bench only scored four points. I know the minutes were just not there for a lot of guys, but four points is a joke. These guys were getting double digits the second half of the year consistently. That kind of skill just does not go away. Pavlovic, Pietrus, Dooling, Stiemsma, and I am sure now Ray Allen or Marquis Daniels should be able to be counted on for more than a measly four points.

The Boston Celtics did lose their star point guard and the game. However, due to the fact so many weird stats occurred for Boston that I just do not see happening again I believe Boston should feel good going into game two. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!

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