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VIDEO: Chris Bosh Videobombs LeBron James Interview

It was all smiles on the sideline of the Miami Heat after Game 2 of their series against the New York Knicks.  LeBron James played great and was picked to give an interview after the game.  Chris Bosh saw this as a perfect time to be a troll and he videobombed the interview.

Tell me that is not one of the funniest things that you have ever seen.  I can not stop laughing about it.  Bosh’s face is priceless.  He knows exactly what he is doing and everyone can not stop laughing.  Even LeBron and the reporter know exactly what is going on.

The Heat are having fun and enjoying their time in the playoffs, unlike the Knicks.  They will be without Amar’e Stoudemire after he fought a fire extinguisher case.  The fire extinguisher won.  Not exactly the smartest move in the world, but hey.  I have never been a pro basketball player, so maybe that is a great way to unleash stress.

If this series continues to unfold the way it currently is, it will be a sweep.  The Knicks can not match up with the Heat right now.  Maybe the Amar’e injury will help, but the Knicks need to find something.  The Heat are too athletic and too good at what they do.

If they can find time to have a Chris Bosh videobomb, you know they are having a great time.  Too bad the Knicks can’t pull that off.


Thanks to Black Sports Online for the video.