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VIDEO: Joakim Noah Breaks Thaddeus Young Ankles

Game 2 of the Chicago BullsPhiladelphia 76ers series is fairly odd right now.  However, Joakim Noah is going nuts.  The Bulls big man is playing out of his mind and poor Thaddeus Young learned that the hard way.

It was even better because Carlos Boozer hit the wide open jumper afterwards.  Poor Young just looked like a fool on that play.  You just got juked out by a seven footer.  That is something that you do not see everyday.  Young may have been trying to draw the charge, but he just couldn’t maintain his balance long enough.

It is a short clip, but it shows the move effectively.  A little bit of a crossover and Young goes down.  Nothing sweeter to watch than that.  This isn’t Noah’s only highlight.  He currently has 14 points, including numerous jumpers.  That is something that you do not hear everyday.  Noah is going nuts and the Bulls are feeding off his energy.

This game has blown out a little bit.  Bulls hold an eight point lead going into half, but it was close for most of the way.  Noah is going to have to keep this up if the Bulls want to end this game early.  Noah could be going for a career high and it would be great to see.  He has always worked on his game, even if his effort can be lax from time to time.  If Noah can lead the Bulls to a big series victory, Chicago will love him even more.

Plus, he has finger guns.  FINGER GUNZ!