NBA Atlanta Hawks

VIDEO: Paul Pierce Tebows After Free Throw

In the wacky world of playoff basketball, Paul Pierce of the Boston Celtics just won the award for weirdest thing done.  After making a clutch free throw against the Atlanta Hawks, Pierce did his best impression of Tim Tebow by dropping down to one knee and “Tebowing.”

Yes, that actually happened and I am not sure how we should react to it.  I mean, I thought Tebowing went on the window awhile ago.  It was cool for a little bit but now it seems very contrived.  Apparently that does not bother Pierce, who has been a man possessed.  He has been playing great and the Celtics needed every little bit of it.

We will see if this keeps happening in the playoffs.  I was not aware that basketball players were so up on Tebow and his exploits.  Maybe this will take over and even basketball fans will have to deal with Tim Tebow on a daily basis.  I think that would be bad for everyone, but what do I know?  I am just a guy writing about someone imitating someone else praying.

It was a good game in the ATL and Boston decided they wanted homecourt back.  The series will be a long one and the winner looks to open up a path to the Eastern Conference Finals.  With a little bit of luck, the winner of the series will be playing for a shot at the Finals.

If you keep Tebowing, maybe good things will happen.  Who knows?