Amar’e Stoudemire Severed Half Of His Hand In Fire Extinguisher Incident

If you watch the NBA then by now you have heard of the infamous Amar’e Stoudemire fire extinguisher incident (if you haven’t then simply click the link and prepare to be enlightened). Immediately after the incident the extent of Stoudemire’s injury,beyond the assumed state that he would more than likely not be available for game 3 in New York, was unkown. But now, as more details are beginning to surface, we are starting to figure out just how serious Stoudemire’s really is.

According to Stoudemire was severely injured and even cut off half of his hand. Here is a small excerpt, ”He didn’t haul off and punch the glass; he hit it out of frustration… He kind of slapped it, but with a closed fist. He said he thought it was plastic instead of glass. Half of his hand was just hanging off. It was really bad. Blood was just squirting out. That’s why they had the paramedics come in, because they thought he might have punctured an artery because of how much blood was coming out.”

If Stoudemire’s injury is truly as bad as it sounds, and it does sound bad, then it is very likely that we will notbeseeing Stoudemire for the rest of the Knicks series against the Miami Heat. Stoudemire has already been ruled out of game 3 against the Heat, but it is unsure if he will be available for the rest of the first-round series. If you are a Knicks fan though, is it really that bad if Stoudemire does indeed miss the rest of the series? It’s been well documented, ever since Carmelo Anthony joined the Knicks last season, that Melo and Amar’e would have a difficult time co-existing on the same team and, at the same time, producing the way the Knicks would need them too. Many people dismissed this idea and simply claimed that either Amar’e or Melo would be happy to defer the ball to each other for the better of the team, which, for the most part has been true.

Ever since Carmelo joined the Knicks, Stoudemire’s production has gone down, and so had the Knick wins. It wasn’t until former Knick head coach Mike D’Antoni resigned, and now Knicks head coach Mike Woodson took over, along with the absence of Stoudemire, that Melo had gone on an unbelievable tear heading into the playoffs. Then, suddenly, when Stoudemire re-entered the Knicks starting line-up Melo’s production began to decline and it has carried over into the playoffs ultimately resulting in a bottle-up of frustration culminating in the now infamous fire extuingisher incident. Coincidence? I think not.

At this point the Knicks really have nothing to lose and it seems that that is the way Melo, and the Knicks, will play tomorrow night at Madison Square Garden. It will be extremely hard for the Knicks to come back from a 2-0 deficit on the Heat but, a desperate, hungry team, who possesses a streaky shooter like Melo, can be deadly if they catch fire. Who knows, Stoudemire punching a fire extinguisher out of frustration may turn out to be the best thing that has happened to the Knicks this post-season.


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