VIDEO: DeAndre Jordan Dunk On Tony Allen

The Los Angeles Clippers employed a new strategy against the Memphis Grizzlies Wednesday night.  It involved not digging a 27 point deficit before trying to come back.  Early in the third quarter, LA earned the Lob City name as a DeAndre Jordan dunk completed a vicious oop right on Tony Allen.

Poor Allen stood no chance.  Once a guy like Jordan gets in the air, all you can do is pray.  That, and move out of his way so he does not crush when he lands.  That is the power that makes Jordan such a polarizing player.  He is overpaid, yet he can make plays like that happen like nothing.  That is the issue with big men in the league.  There really are not enough of them, so the ones who can do one or two things right get all the cash flow.

Allen is known as a great defender but there is nothing he can do against that.  Heck, no one can do a thing about that.  Allen was going to end up on a poster anyways.  He just tried to duck and cover a little bit.  No shame in that.  Everyone gets dunked on from time to time.  He could have made it look a lot worse than what it ended up being.

This game will go down to the wire again.  Can LA steal two from Memphis or will the series go back to Los Angeles knotted up at a game a piece?  Only time will tell in this wacky series.