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VIDEO: Memphis Grizzlies Kid Fan Is Really Excited About Game 2

Game 2 of the Los Angeles ClippersMemphis Grizzlies series went a lot better for the Grizzlies.  They did not choke away a huge lead and they were able to knot the series up at a game a piece.  Their play was so good that this Memphis Grizzlies kid fan became one of the most excited people on the planet.

Look at that raw emotion.  That is a kid who understands the greatness of playoff basketball.  There really is nothing like it.  People rag on the regular season, but playoff basketball is a different animal.  It is so fun to watch all the teams give it everything they have.  I know I just confirmed that some teams sandbag during the regular season, but wouldn’t you?  It’s 82 games long (normally) and there is not a lot of times when it comes down to one game.

The playoffs are just getting warmed up.  If that kid is excited now, wait until the teams get deeper into it.  He might be the first person under 15 years old to have a heart attack at a basketball game.  That much emotion can not be good for the body.  That is a good way to send the ol ticker into overdrive.  Can’t have that.

Games 3 and 4 are back in LA and I have the feeling they will be just as exciting.  Clippers fans are desperate to see their team make a playoff run.  However, I am not sure that they can top the emotion of our precious Memphis Grizzlies kid.  Keep up the good fight man.