Jeremy Lin Fruit Roll Up New York Knicks Uniform

Jeremy Lin’s jersey was the best-selling jersey in the NBA this year, and he didn’t even start the season out on the New York Knicks. His jersey can now be found in edible form as well.

Lin sparked the international sensation “Lin-sanity”, when he came out of nowhere(he was cut by 3 other NBA teams before landing on the Knicks) to raise the Knicks from obscurity and get their season record within range of the 8-seed in the playoffs. Lin received no Division 1 athletic scholarships, attended Harvard, was undrafted, waived by his hometown Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets, and was almost cut the day before he got his first playing time for the Knicks. Lin went on to average 14.6 points and 6.2 assists per game this season.

Lin then tore his meniscus a little while after Mike Woodson took over as interim head coach, and the medical staff has said he is probably about a week from being able to be on the floor; to be honest it will probably be a week too late as the Knicks have looked totally overmatched in their series against the Miami Heat. It is a series that has sweep written all over it; it should be a quick and hopefully painless exit for the Knicks who are playing tonight without Amar’e Stoudemire. Stoudemire cut his hand severely after Game 2 when he hit the glass of a fire extinguisher case with a closed fist.

The special jersey is made out of fruit roll-up fabric, if you will. The jersey was made courtesy of the candy company Fruit Snacks, and depending on the severity of his sweet-tooth who knows how long it will remain undigested! Would you eat it? Or save it?