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Los Angeles Clippers Beat Themselves as the Memphis Grizzlies grind out Game 2.

The Los Angeles Clippers shot 57% from the field in Game 2…and lost. 

The Clippers were able to get 29 points, 6 assists and 5 steals from Chris Paul…and lost.

They hit 9 of 16 from 3-point land which is (“Bingo”) 57% in Game 2, up from 6-18 in Game 1…and lost

Blake Griffin scored 22 points on 9-15 shooting from the field as he dominated the low block and Marc Gasol…and lost.

Nick “Swagalicious” Young was 3-3 from downtown and the self-proclaimed volume shooter shot well in back-to-back games…and the Clippers still lost.

If you are a Clippers fan, it is concerning that you shot the ball as well as you can on the road and were unable to take control of the series and grab the 2-0 series lead.  It must be a tough pill to swallow because they didn’t take care of the “little things” that in playoff basketball are magnified.  The Clips didn’t take care of the ball as they turned it over 20 times.  Not only did the turnovers eliminate possessions for the Clips on a night when they were unconscious from the field, but the carelessness led to 20 important transition points for the Memphis Grizzlies.  The Clippers also didn’t pay attention to the defensive glass as they allowed 16 offensive rebounds to their 4 (37-28 overall).  Most concerning is that while the Clippers limited Memphis’ 3-point shooting to a paltry 2-12 (after the Grizz hit 11 of 16 in Game 1) they allowed the Grizzlies to be aggressive in the paint.  An aggressive Memphis team was able to get to the line 39 times (conversely the Clippers shot just 13-18) and made the Clippers pay by converting 31 free-throws.  Simply put, the Grizzlies took advantage of the opportunities the Clippers afforded them.   

Going home to the Staples Center the Clippers need to be more aggressive on the boards and do a much better job protecting the paint on Saturday.  Game 1 “should” have been a Grizzlies win, if not for the “Miracle in Memphis”.  It’s important that the Clippers play with urgency, passion and demonstrate that they can outplay this talented and diverse Grizzlies squad in Game 3.  If not, Memphis will reassert themselves and it will be too late for these young Clips in 2012.

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