Boston Celtics Avery Bradley Is A Huge Loss If Hurt

By Rob Nelson

There was plenty of good news for the Boston Celtics last night with their pivotal game three win over the Atlanta Hawks. The obvious holding on to home court is the first focal point of the happy thoughts for team green. Ray Allen finally made it back on to the floor and did not look like he had too much rust for a guy that missed a lot of action with ankle issues that still need surgery. Thirteen points off the bench with only twelve shot attempts is never a bad day’s work for a shooter like Ray. Rajon Rondo and Paul Pierce also had solid stats despite their early struggles. Kevin Garnett also continued to have a dominant post season with a huge double double. However, lost in all this great news is a possible very bad situation. Boston Celtics second year guard Avery Bradley injured his shoulder and may be lost for some playoff time. Bradley’s loss would be catastrophic for Boston’s title hopes.

The Boston Celtics need Avery Bradley for a long post season run to take place. Bradley is one of the few guys that can use his athleticism to give the offense a different look from the jump shooting half court sets they are known for. He is the perfect running mate for Rajon Rondo. Bradley can get to the rim like few on the Celtics can. He also has a solid mid range and even long range jump shot.

However, his best attribute is the defense that he can provide for this team. His defense is vital moving forward in the playoffs. The Boston Celtics will need someone to check guys like Dwayne Wade in Miami, Rip Hamilton and CJ Watson in Chicago, or Jrue Holiday in Philly and that is just in the East. Bradley is that rare defensive weapon that can cover and defend like a pit bull and make his man work overtime to get any basket. Anyone with questions on that can ask Dwayne Wade how good Bradley is.

As great as Boston’s depth is with Ray Allen being back, Mickael Pietrus, Sasha Pavlovic, and Marquis Daniels all playing well of late none provide what Bradley does. The fact is no one knows what Ray can even give going forward with those bone spurs in his ankle. As much as I like Pietrus, Daniels, and Pavlovic I do not want them as my starting shooting guard or my only rotation going against teams as good as Miami, San Antonio, and LA.

The news on the injury front is this thus far. Bradley left the game after suffering a dislocated shoulder. According to head coach Doc Rivers this happened a lot with Bradley this year and normally the trainers can just pop it back in with no issues. This time the shoulder would not pop back into place. Bradley is scheduled for an MRI later today to find the extent of the problem. I just hope the news is good. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!

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