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Fan Runs On Court In Los Angeles Lakers – Denver Nuggets Game; Gets Ejected

It is never a dull moment during the NBA playoffs.  During Game 4 of the Denver NuggetsLos Angeles Lakers series, a fan ran out onto the court during the middle of play.  The fan was quickly kicked out of the game, but the incident was incredibly wacky.

I mean, she just ran onto the court for no reason.  She was apparently yelling at the Nuggets, but that does not mean you should run on the court.  I would certainly not allow her to attend any games in the future and I would possibly put her in jail for a little while.  She certainly deserves it.

The broadcast updated the story on our crazy chick.  She apparently makes a living on stalking players.  What a great life that must be.  Yet she somehow gets courtside seats?  What a wacky world we live in these days.  She has been charged with trespassing, which should come as no shock.  She is not allowed in the building plus she runs on the court.  Not smooth.

Seeing fans run onto the court is just stupid.  I mean, should you not find something better to do with your time?  What makes you decide that running onto the field of play is a good idea?  I understand there are stupid people in this world, but this takes the cake.  She is lucky that she did not get trampled by a player.  That would certainly mar the game and the future of the series.

Other than the crazy woman, this has been a great game.  Denver is responding to LA winning the first two games and it looks like this series could go a full seven games.  With the rest of the playoff series seemingly ending in five or less games.

A game where a fan runs on court in order to keep stalking a player.  Never change America.