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VIDEO: Baron Davis Knee Injury In Game 4

The mantra of the NBA playoffs this year should be “No knee is safe.”  Baron Davis of the New York Knicks joins teammate Iman Shumpert and Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls as victims of horrific knee injuries.  Rose and Shumpert are confirmed with torn ACLs, while Davis had to be stretchered off the court.

ESPN updated during the injury during the game, calling it a dislocated patella.  That is a nasty injury and it will take some time for Davis to recover.

By the looks of it, it was the worst looking injury out of the three.  Rose’s looked like it could have been just a sprain, but turned out to be an ACL.  Shumpert looked like an ACL right away.  Davis’s, however, looks something more severe.  He might not have a working ligament in that knee right now.  That is depressing, considering the Knicks are down to Mike Bibby as the only working point guard on the team.

The Knicks have just not caught a break the entire playoffs.  It has been a mess for them the entire series against the Miami Heat, but they are still fighting.  That is all you can ask.  They are outgunned, but they are not giving up.  They are still fighting for their playoff lives, even with the injuries continuing to mount.

I personally do not think the Knicks can extend this series past five games.  If they win today, they push it to five.  That will be the ceiling for this team.  I do not see them going into Miami and taking a game, but who knows?

We hope that Davis is able to return to basketball soon.  That knee injury could take him out for next season as well.


Thanks to CBS Sports for the video.