Charles Barkley Calls Boston Celtics Fan A "F**" On Live TV

By Riley Schmitt

Charles Barkley is going to be in a bit of trouble from his higher ups once this video goes viral.  On the preshow before the Atlanta Hawks took on the Boston Celtics, Barkley commented on how one of the Celtics fans was dressed.  Barkley then uttered that the fan “was dressed like a f**.”

This came after Barkley made some comments about Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, so Barkley was really in rare form today.  Angering a lot of people is not a good way to get views for your show, but it is a good way to get fired.

That is not something that you can say on television.  Heck, that is something that you can not say in real life without facing consequences.  Discrimination of any type is a hot button issue in this country and this will not win Barkley any fans.  In fact, I would not be shocked if Barkley is fined or forced to serve a suspension.  At the very least, he will probably have to issue a public apology.

I could inject my personal opinion into this, but that only raises further issues.  I will just say that words are merely words.  Be that as it may, you can not say this kind of stuff on TV.  Those are things that get you fired.  People are going to be after Barkley for this.

I wonder exactly how long it will take for Barkley to face repercussions.  The NBA has a tendency to come down harshly on situations such as this.  Remember those commercials that they do to promote tolerance?  Yeah, this will not mesh will.   Barkley will have to pay in some way for this.

I love Chuck, but his mouth needs to be censored at some points.  A little bit of a delay on him probably could not hurt.

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