Baron Davis Knee Injury Not Helping New York Knicks At Point Guard

By Ryan Gaydos

The New York Knicks are extremely lacking at the point guard position now. Baron Davis went down Sunday in their 89-87 victory in Game 4 against the Miami Heat. Davis dislocated his right patella (kneecap) in a gruesome turn over events when driving down the floor. Even the Heat bench shuttered at the sight of Davis’ kneecap getting dislocated.

This Davis injury is leaving the Knicks leadership at point guard lacking to the fullest extent. The recent worst news is that injured point guard Jeremy Lin is not expected to be back for Game 5 Wednesday. Lin has been out since March 24 with a knee injury of his own and even if he could play, he is not expected to get a great amount of minutes.

The best bet for the Knicks is to use Mike Bibby to the fullest extent and to hope that Bibby can somehow channel his inner 2001-2006 when Bibby and Chris Webber led the Sacramento Kings in the playoffs only to lose before even making it to the NBA Finals.

Bibby is past his prime but can still offer some kind of help. The other point guard that needs to step up is Toney Douglas. Douglas at one point in his career with the Knicks was the starting point guard. In 2010-11, Douglas played in 81 games and averaged 10.6 points and 3.0 assists per game.

Douglas has not had any effect with the Knicks this season only starting nine games this season. If the Knicks want to win another game in this series, somebody at the point guard position is going to have to step up big time. At this point no one is going to be able to matchup with Mario Chalmers.

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