Baron Davis Knee Injury Results In Partially Torn Patella Tendon And Completely Torn ACL And MCL

By Riley Schmitt

Baron Davis may have played his last game in the NBA on Sunday.  The New York Knicks point guard suffered a brutal knee injury and results of the injury are just in.  Davis suffered a partially torn patella tendon along with a completely torn ACL and MCL.  The recovery time sits at 12 months and could be longer.

I felt just awful watching it.  Davis was on the fast break and his knee just exploded.  It was gruesome to watch.  The replays were even worse.  Slow motion made the injury look even worse, which I did not know is possible.  Davis was basically the only point guard left on the roster, unless the corpse of Mike Bibby counts.  I tend to believe it doesn’t because zombies shouldn’t be playing basketball.

If this is the end of the Davis era, he had some great moments early in his career.  He was an All-Star and was one of the best point guards in the game.  He could get his shot whenever he wanted and could always drive to the basket.  His three point game was streaky, but it was a weapon to watch out for.

I hope that Davis is able to recover and I know the rest of the writers at Rant Sports feel the same way.  You never want to see an injury ruin a career.  Davis is 33 years old, so this might have been his final stop anyways.  The knee injury might be forcing him out the door.

The Baron Davis knee injury is how people will remember him.  Don’t forget his early days.  That’s the real Davis.  The man being stretchered off was the remnants of a proud man giving everything he had to help his team one last time.

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