Lamar Odom Will Not Receive Share of Dallas Mavericks Playoff Money

By Riley Schmitt

The Lamar Odom saga is the only thing that will be remembered about the 2011-2012 Dallas Mavericks season.  That is a shame, because they were looking to repeat as champions.  After getting swept by the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Mavs season is officially over.  The team voted on the playoff shares and Odom will not be getting his.

Odom will be out roughly 14,000 dollars in the exchange.  That is a pretty big chunk of change to have to leave behind.  Then again, no one in their right mind thinks that Odom did enough to warrant anything else from Dallas.  The man basically tanked the season and was a distraction all year.

I feel like Odom did not think the league would be in session this season.  The end of the lockout snuck up on him and he was left unprepared.  Instead of working to get back in shape for the stretch run, Odom moped and was involved in numerous issues with the team.  Not exactly the best way to impress your new team.

Odom will more than likely be a free agent but who is going to want to deal with him?  His value is pretty much in the tank and his reality lifestyle is not something that will go over well in locker rooms.  Even though he still should have gas left in his tank, Odom could possibly be done as a NBA player.  While shocking, it might before the best.  Who wants to invest in or go to war with a guy whose head and heart aren’t there?

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