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Patrick Ewing To Interview For Charlotte Bobcats Head Coach After Orlando Season Ends

Patrick Ewing could be well on his way to getting his first NBA head coaching job.  He will interview with the Charlotte Bobcats, who happen to be owned by old friend and rival Michael Jordan.  Ewing is currently an assistant with the Orlando Magic and will interview once the team is eliminated.

If the Bobcats land Anthony Davis, this will be a great hire.  Ewing was a very skilled big man and he can help guide Davis to new heights.  He will need time to adjust to the game and having Ewing right there can only help matters.  You will have to flank Ewing with skilled assistants but I think the hire could be a great one in the long run.

Imagine the storylines that will develop with Patrick Ewing working for MJ.  It practically writes itself.  I would imagine that Ewing would give his old friend a discount, which is something that Jordan would want.  Let us face it.  For as good of a coach as he is, he is that bad of an owner.  The Bobcats flat out suck.  They need all the breaks they can get and a cheap coach would be a good start.

I think this would be intriguing.  In fact, I would hope that it works out well.  Ewing deserves a shot at coaching, since he has been a loyal assistant.  Give the man a shot and see what happens.

Check out fellow Rant Sports writer Zach Mink’s take on the situation.  He provides an interesting look at what could happen.