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Basketball Canada To Name Steve Nash General Manager

Basketball Canada, the organization which oversees the development of the country’s basketball talent to prepare them for senior team competition, will soon name Phoenix Suns star and former NBA MVP Steve Nash, as their new General Manager.

Dwight Walton from Basketball Insider first tweeted about the announcement earlier this morning:

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While it’s unclear what Nash’s exact duties will be, there’s little doubt he will be tasked with convincing future generations of Canadian basketball talent playing in international competitions should indeed be a personal priority.

Steve Nash, for many, is the face of Canadian basketball, so adding him in a management capacity makes perfect sense to help the country continue to develop it’s talent and become competitive on an international level.

One has to figure with him in place, plenty of teens around the country may re-think their decisions to bolt for the US or other basketball destinations so quickly if they think working with Nash, even in a minor capacity, could be possible.

The more interesting element of this decision is why Nash would take this type of a role at this point in his career. Due to be a free-agent this off-season, Nash has been vocal sports media about his desire to play for a contender to round out his playing career, and the fact he wishes to secure a three-year deal from whomever bids for his services.

At age 38, Nash may have a hard time finding a team that will provide a three-year deal which will carry him past his 40th birthday. It’s more realistic a two-year deal– which could be heavily back-loaded and incentive laden– could be the reality for Nash.

Has he accepted the position with Basketball Canada as a back-up plan to move on with his life in the professional side of the game if he doesn’t get the contract he desires?

Has he accepted the position to make an immediate transition, and may in fact retire before the 2012-2013 campaign rolls around?

Only Steve Nash knows for sure, but either way, Canadian basketball is sure to benefit from his presence in the boardroom and on the court helping young players to refine and develop their individual game.

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