Boston Celtics Rajon Rondo Scares Miami Fan Base

By Rob Nelson

After working hard for about seven months, my wife decided that we needed a vacation. Since she decided that we needed a vacation, I was whisked off to South Beach for the week. Granted as a Boston Celtics season ticket holder and a guy that bleeds green, missing the first round of the NBA Playoffs was akin to stabbing me with a hot knife right in my gut, but a sunny Floridian vacation definitely helped ease the burden of my plight. Like any vacation I have ever been on, I always seem to find people that share my passion for the NBA, but I guess it is not to hard to figure out I love my Celtics when I am wearing the hat, one of my many jerseys, or a shirt everywhere I went. I was very surprised by my conversations with numerous Miami Heat fans that they do not believe that they are unstoppable. In fact they are very worried about one team in particular because of one guy in particular. Miami Heat fans are concerned about the Celtics and Rajon Rondo.

In Heat fans’ minds Rajon Rondo is Jason from Friday the Thirteenth. He is the ultimate pest. Miami has guys that matchup with everybody else on the Celtics roster except Rondo. Guys like Mario Chalmers are no match for Rondo. Rondo is the guy that can shred Miami’s defense and get into the teeth of it and make plays. If he does not lay it in, he is hitting the open man for an easy basket.

Normally Miami has a big advantage with LeBron James able to control the game like no one else. However, Rondo has proven that come playoff time that he can control the game much like LeBron does. I was surprised at how many Heat fans pointed this out to me. A few even were honest that they felt if Rondo did not get hurt last season during the playoff series that the series would have been a lot different than a five game Miami win.

Granted the first round is still going on and both Boston and Miami have a tough round two ahead, but it is looking like they are on a collision course in the Conference Finals. Boston will be looking for revenge for last season. Miami will be looking to prove that they are the real deal. Both teams have some serious star power, but Boston has Rondo and that has Miami not feeling great about this series. Remember Go Green OR Go Home!!!!!!

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