NBA San Antonio Spurs

San Antonio Spurs Playing Old School Basketball

There are some pretty dangerous teams in the NBA this season. The Oklahoma City Thunder, Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers are all possible teams to be dangerous in the playoffs. Of those dangerous teams, a squad that usually gets left out or underestimated are the San Antonio Spurs.

To me, the Spurs are the most dangerous team in the NBA Playoffs this year. They are playing a style of basketball that has not been seen in awhile or it just has not been showcased on the big sports TV programming. The Spurs are playing an old school type of basketball. They are not doing it with flashy dunks or crazy shots but they are doing it with genuine, natural post scoring, great outside scoring and some great passing from their guards. The team is able to move the ball around with ease and to cause headaches for opposing defenses.

It all starts with the back court. Tony Parker is playing at a level that no one has seen before. We have seen great Parker seasons but this is an MVP-type season that Parker is playing. This season he has averaged 18.3 points per game and 7.7 assists per game. His highest assist per game total of his career. In the playoffs, Parker is averaging 21 points per game and 6.5 assists per game.

Without Parker the team may as well be lost.

Then the front court has really stepped up its game.

Even though you may call Tim Duncan “old,” he has brings the same type of scoring and athleticism as anyone else in basketball today. Duncan is the rock of the Spurs. He brings consistency unlike any other player to the team. His 14.3 points per game in the first four games of the playoffs is a big improvement compared to his first six games in last season’s playoffs.

What also is helping the Spurs is the developments of DeJuan Blair, Kawhi Leonard, Danny Green and the rest of the Spurs bench. The Spurs have an incredible amount of depth. Their bench depth is one of the deepest in the Western Conference so if one their big pieces get tired anyone could really step up and fulfill a role.

This team is mostly about teamwork unlike any other team. They do not have huge egos on the team that fight about getting the last shot. Greg Popovich has definitely earned his Coach of the Year award this season and he might lead the Spurs to another NBA Championship.

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